About the Parks Annual Pass

 Save Time and Money While Supporting Regional Parks!

The Pass pays for itself in just 10 visits! All funds go directly towards maintaining and operating our beautiful 15,000 acre system. Buy a pass today!

Annual Pass Benefits​:

Parks passes make excellent gifts for joggers, fishing enthusiasts, cyclists, equestrians and nature lovers!

Top 10 Reasons to Purchase an Annual Pass

10. You never have to worry about having exact change.

9. It's the "green" thing to do.

8. You can protect wildlife by ensuring future parkway preservation and protection.

7. Show all your friends and neighbors that you support the preservation of this famous Sacramento natural landmark.

6. If you use the parkway, support it!

5. Drive right into a park without having to stop at the kiosks or feed entrance fees to the iron ranger.

4. Your investment supports maintenance of the parkway.

3. It saves you money. The passport pays for itself in 10 visits!

2. A $50 pass is a better deal than a $50 parking ticket.

1. And most importantly, all the cool people do it!