Event Fees

Current Fee Schedule
(2024​ last revised) 
Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks

Below is a partial list of Parks fees.  Complete fee in​formation.

Application Fee $100.00

     Applications submitted less than 60-days prior to event may be denied or will incur a $15​0 application filing fee to expedite the permit process.

Special Event Permit Fees 

Special Event Permit (1-99 participants) $100.00
Special Event Permit (100-499 participants) $420.00
Special Event Permit (500-999 participants) $780.00​
Special Event Permit (1000+ participants) $1,500.00
Vendor Booth Fee (if applicable) $150.00/booth
Picnic Area Rental Fee (if applicable) $100.00 - $250.00/each site
*all events over 1000 participants include use of picnic sites if available at time of event confirmation.

Trail Event Fees 

Closed Trail Event – Price based on staffing level required
Open Trail Event –   $4.00 per participant​

School Sponsored Open Trail Event - $3.00 per participant ​

Picnic Sites 

Weekend Rates (Friday, Saturday & Sundays)
Small Sites - $125.00
Discovery Park-  Alder
William B Pond- Cottonwood, Dockside, Walnut
Mather – Sparrow, Robin
Ancil Hoffman - Riverside, Live Oak, Valley Oak

Large Sites - $250.00
Discovery Park- Redbud, Sycamore, Oak
Mather – Rotary Grove

Weekday Rates (Monday - Thursday) - All sites $100.00

Herald Park - $50 for residents, $75 for non-residents

Parking Fees 

Parking Fee $7.00/vehicle
Post Payment Parking Permit (set up) $30.00
Park Block Parking Fee (William Pond or River Bend) $1,800.00

Special Event Surcharge Fees 

Special Event / Holiday Parking Surcharge $1.00 to $10.00

Professional Instruction Program Permit Fees 

Professional Instruction (1-10 participants) $30.00
Professional Instruction (11-20 participants) $40.00
Professional Instruction (21-40 participants) $50.00
Professional Instruction (41-75 participants) $100.00
Professional Instruction (76-100 participants) $150.00
Professional Instruction (101-150 participants) $200.00
Professional Instruction (151-250 participants) $300.00

Other Permit Fees 

Amplified Sound Permit $50.00
Bounce House Permit $50.00
Film Permit $150.00
Dog Tracking Permit – Mather $100.00/season
Sailing/Kite Boarding Permit – Delta $200.00/season
Overnight Youth Camping Fee - $5.00/person (Minimum 10 campers)​​