Entrance and Annual Pass Fees


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Vehicle Entrance Fees:
If no one is working at the entrance kiosk, be sure to self-pay your vehicle; look for the self-payment stand. Park rangers strictly enforce self-payment and will ticket vehicles not displaying payment stub. Exact change is recommended.


Vehicles with Trailers (ex. Boat or Horse) or RVs
Bus (seating capacity of 10 or more) 

Summer Holiday Weekend Vehicle Fees are increased an additional $3 on the following dates:
Easter Sunday, April 17 (2022)
Memorial Day Weekend: May 28, 29, and 30​
4th of July Holiday and Weekend, July 2, 3, and 4
Labor Day Weekend: September  3, 4, and 5

Annual Parks Pass
Vehicle pass

Vehicle with trailer (ex. Boat or Horse) or RV (private or commercial) 


Low Income Annual Parks Pass (Application & Proof of Eligibility Required)

​Low income vehicle pass


​Low-income Vehicle with trailer (ex. Boat or Horse) or RV​


​​​  Senior Citizen Vehicle 


  ​Senior Citizen Vehicle with Trailer