Special Events / Reservations

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Special Events

Special Events are events that are organized and planned by groups or individuals for a specific recreation activity.  They are generally short in duration not lasting more than a day or two and include, but are not limited to: food events, weddings, concerts, baptisms, trail runs, bike rides, casual music events, celebrations, or any other gathering of similar nature.  

A permit is required for all special events as stated in Parks Ordinance 9.36.021 when it meets one of the following criteria:

  1. The event is organized for the participation of the general public and attracts more than 41 participants.
  2. ​A fee is charged for participating in the event.
  3. Any event requiring the exclusive use of a park or facility.

For more information about the Special Event process visit the Special Events web page.

Special Event Applications

For more information about Special Events, Group Activities and Fees, please see current Fee Sc​​h​edule​​

Group Pic​nic Reservations

If you are interested in reserving a picnic site at Discovery Park, William Pond Recreation Area, Ancil Hoffman Park, Mather Lake Regional Park, Herald Park, Gibson Ranch Regional Park or River Bend Park please visit the Group Picnic Reservations webpage to check availability. ​

All reservations must be made more than five (5) days in advance. C​lick on picnic table below to check availability and make your reservation. 

Make Online Reservations here 

Make Online Reservations​​

Camping Reservations

Regional Parks offers overnight camping facilities at River Bend Park and Hogback Island for youth groups, organized church groups and similar charitable/non-profit groups.  Find out more information about camping​

​​Professional Instruction Permits

Professional Instruction activities are a sub-category of recreational programs, generally defined as organized "fee for service" group exercise activities that are organized by a specific group or individual for training or coaching on trails or in a park facility.  A Professional Instruction Permit is required when any individual or group is actively organizing, directing or monitoring exercise or activities.

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