Special Event Process and Applications

The Department of Regional Parks provides regional park and recreation facilities, programs and services for persons residing and visiting Sacramento County. One of the primary missions for Regional Parks is to provide special event opportunities to help residents and visitors become aware of, use and appreciate Sacramento County’s Regional Park system. The intent of our Department is to provide, facilitate, co-sponsor, and coordinate a broad spectrum of special events held in the regional parks that are efficiently managed, wholesome, affordable, accessible, and safe.

Sacramento County Regional Parks currently allows special events in our Regional Parks in addition to sites along the American River Parkway and Dry Creek Parkway.

A Special Event Application must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of your event along with a site map​ and the $100​ application fee. Leisure Services start taking applications in September for the upcoming year

Applications submitted less than 60-days prior to event may be denied or will incur a $150 application filing fee to expedite the permit process.

The following is an overview of the application and review process for Special Event Permits:

  1. An Application, supporting documents and application fee are submitted to Regional Parks, Leisure Services Division. Application is completed in con​junction with Leisure Services staff, listing dates, times, park sites, size, scope, and brief description of event.
  2. Application is circulated to the affected Divisions within the Parks Department for comments, concerns and/or conditions for approval.
  3. Within four weeks if there are no objections to the application, your event may be approved. If further information is needed, Department staff may arrange a meeting with applicant and affected Division representatives to discuss event, areas of responsibility, and contract conditions.
  4. Department staff drafts event permit, which includes event guidelines, stipulations and fees, and submits it to applicant for review and signature. 
  5. Additional permits may be required from other agencies. Examples of these permits are: Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), fire department, California Highway Patrol, sheriff or city police department, and County Environmental Health. Event holders are solely responsible for securing appropriate permits for all aspects of their event. 
  6. A copy of the signed permit, a site map, verification of liability insurance and associated fees are due to Leisure Services Division at least 14 days prior to the event.
  7. An on-site, pre-event meeting may need to be scheduled with Parks staff and applicant.

Special Event Applications