While there are many options for pets to run off leash, Sacramento County has leash laws that require dogs to be safely under control and leashed at all times outside of designated "off-leash" areas, including all County Parks.

Why Must Dogs Be On a Leash?

  • For the safety of your dog - Your dog can become trapped or injured while in unfamiliar territory, bitten from rattlesnakes or other animals or exposed to wildlife hazards, including ticks, poison oak or other plants that have thorns or burrs. Your pet will be less likely to encounter these dangers on a leash.
  • For safety of wildlife - Animals may be flushed out of nesting sites or have their homes destroyed by digging dogs.
  • For the safety of people - Some people, particularly children, are afraid of dogs - even friendly ones.
  • It's the law - Sacramento County Code 9.36.061 (d) requires dogs to be on a leash. Leashes, even retractable ones, must be six feet or less in length.

Girl walking her dog on a leash at a regional parkPlans for Leash-Free Dog Parks:

Efforts stemming from a recent off-leash task force include development of conceptual design standards, possible funding sources and potential sites for off-leash dog parks in Sacramento County.

Please Don't Forget To Clean Up After Your Pet!

Doggie waste stations with Mutt Mitts can be found at the following locations along the American River Parkway:

Arden WayEstates DriveGold River
Jacob LaneKadema DriveMira Del Rio Drive
Paradise BeachRod Beaudry DriveSailor Bar
San Lorenzo DriveSarah CourtSunrise Bridge Crossing