Healthy Habits for Swimming in the Lower American River

​In order to inform the community about the risks and/or health impacts of aquatic recreation on the Lower American River, the Department of Regional Parks will be working under the direction of the Sacramento County Health Officer to inform recreation users of the risks of boating, swimming or wading in the Lower American River.

Informational signs will be posted at common river access locations with historically high
E. coli readings such as Discovery Park Boat Launch, Tiscornia Beach and Howe Avenue River Access.

The following healthy water habits are recommended:

  • Actively supervise children and pets in or near water
  • Avoid algae blooms (brightly colored water) and trash in the water
  • People with immuno-suppressive diseases should avoid direct contact with the river
  • Wash hands/shower after swimming.
  • Do Not
    • Drink river water
    • Cook or wash dishes with river/lake water
    • Change diapers in or near water
    • Swim when you are sick
    • Enter the water if you have cuts or open sores. These are pathways for bacteria to enter your body
    • Enter the water for several days after a significant rainstorm. Storm flows spike bacteria levels, which decrease with time