Geocaching at Regional Parks

Geocaching permit request

Geocaching policy at Regional Parks

Find a cache in the Sacramento County Regional Parks! Geocaching is a popular outdoor "scavenger hunt" that uses a global positioning system (GPS) device and internet-published coordinates to locate geocaches. View our Geocaching FAQ's for more information.  Geocaching is an acceptable activity in the Parks when all the guidelines are followed.

Basic Guidelines for Geocaching (for all participants)

  • People wishing to place a geocache or letterbox in a Sacramento County Regional Park must fill out a permit for geocache or letterbox placement. Geocaches or Letterboxes placed without a permit will be removed.  Permits are available at the Ranger and Operations office, located at 10361 Rockingham Drive, Suite 100, Sacramento, or you can download a copy of the permit to send to Regional Parks.
  • Geocaches or Letterboxes will not be allowed in Nature Study Areas, Open Space Preserves, or Historic/Cultural Resource Areas where travel is only allowed on trails established by Sacramento County Regional Parks.
  • Be creative when hiding your geocache…no digging of any kind will be allowed when placing geocaches or letterboxes because it disturbs the environment, may be a hazard to animals or humans, is unsightly, and may disturb an archeological site.
  • Be kind to wildlife…no hanging of geocaches or letterboxes in trees or bushes with fishing line, string, wire, etc. will be allowed as it may entangle birds or other wildlife in the parks.
  • Use environmentally friendly behavior when placing and/or seeking a cache. This includes, but is not limited to, not causing damage to natural or geologic features, not bothering wildlife, staying on trails, not collecting naturally occurring items, or any other activity that could damage any natural resource. Please leave the area the same or better than it was when you arrived.

If you discover any illegal or hazardous materials in the cache, contact a Sacramento County Regional Parks employee immediately, by calling (916) 875-PARK (7275).

Those placing caches must also abide by the detailed Geocaching Policy.