Weddings and Special Events at Gibson Ranch

Gibson Ranch Regional Park is one of the most versatile wedding and special event venues in the Sacramento area. Situated just miles away from the City of Sacramento, this country venue gives the destination feeling while keeping you close to home and/or hotel accommodations. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor wedding or a more traditional indoor affair, we have affordable options for your special day.

Outdoor Weddings*

If you’re a Sacramento County resident, you have probably made many memories at Gibson Ranch Regional Park. Why wouldn’t you want to get married or host your special event at this special place? There are three areas in the park that provide the perfect amount of shade, parking, and restrooms for your outdoor wedding. Our nicely maintained, open fields are the perfect spot for large wedding tents, and the trees, pastures, and lake make for a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

Ranch House​

Looking for a more formal option? The Ranch House at Gibson Ranch offers five rooms, including bridal quarters; groom’s quarters; catering kitchen, with a large warming oven, commercial refrigerator, triple sink, and a microwave; and two larger rooms that are perfect for cocktails, food service, dancing, or seating. The Ranch House’s small room is approximately 700 square feet, and the large room is approximately 1050 square feet.  The maximum guest capacity is 120 when configured for seating with tables and chairs, and 354 in assembly configuration. The outdoor patio has space for the ceremony, additional seating, a dance floor, and more! 

Schedule a Tour

Ranch House is open by appointment only. Interested in taking a tour of our event venues? Fill out an event inquiry form to get started! We will contact you to schedule your tour.

For more information, view the F​acility Rental ​Packet, email park​​ or call 916-875-6336. 

*Electricity is available at the Ranch House, outdoor​ weddings in the park will need access to generators.​​

Trees at Gibson Ranch

The dock at Gibson Lake 

The equestrian center at Gibson Ranch