Historical Sites - Dry Creek Ranch House

​The Dry Creek Ranch House is part of Sacramento County's Dry Creek Parkway in the Rio Linda/Elverta area. Part of the Dry Creek Master Plan area, work is underway to preserve the historic character of the property while making it more accessible and educational for visitors.

Fast Facts:

  • Many of the historical sites maintained by Regional Parks have a fascinating history. Come visit the house to find out more.

How to Get There:

The Dry Creek Corridor, in the northern part of Sacramento County, is located just below the Sacramento/Placer County line.  The Dry Creek Ranch is located at 6852 Dry Creek Road, which is approximately one-half mile north of Elkhorn Blvd.  The property is bounded by Dry Creek Road on the west, the north fork of Dry Creek to the north, and leased agricultural land within the Dry Creek Parkway to the east and south.​

Activities, Hours and Fees:

  • Guided tours on a limited basis
  • For Additional Information:
    • Wedding information/reservations: Joyce, 916-335-4359​
    • Dry Creek Ranch facilities information/reservations: Joyce, 916-335​-4359

Picnics Allowed: No

Additional Information:

  • Both the Dry Creek Parkway and the Dry Creek Ranch have master plans.  Download the Dry Creek Parkway Master Plan for more information about the 6-mile Dry Creek Corridor in the northern part of Sacramento County, just below the Sacramento/Placer County line.  For more information about the Dry Creek Ranch and historical ranch house, download the Dry Creek Ranch Master Plan.​