Park Rangers

Scope of Authority:

The Rangers are full peace officers and have the same level of authority as a County Sheriff or a City Police Officer and have completed extensive training at the Sheriff's Academy. They enforce Regional Parks specific County ordinances and California Vehicle, Penal and Health & Safety Codes within all County Regional Parks.

Park Rangers have jurisdiction in all areas that constitute the County Regional Parks system and within formerly designated "zones of impact". Park Rangers may also perform law enforcement services outside of the Regional Parks system and zones of impact. They do not have primary jurisdiction over parks outside of the County Regional Parks system.

Typical Enforcement Duties:

The Rangers enforce infractions, misdemeanors and felonies that occur within our Park system including: failure to pay entry fees, vehicles in restricted areas, possession of alcohol where prohibited,  dogs that are not on leashes, illegal camping, swimming without a life jacket and possession of drugs. Rangers also oversee issues at the three County golf courses.

Rangers also have jurisdiction over what is known as the Zone of Impact, an area located just outside the Parkway that is affected by Parkway activities. An example would be a rope swing that is not on Parkway property but is located along the river or a nearby public street that is experiencing in inordinate amount of traffic from Parkway visitors.

Additional Duties:

  • Rangers work to ensure that wounded wildlife within the Parkway is captured and delivered to the proper organization or location.
  • Rangers inspect park facilities for vandalism and potential safety issues.
  • Rangers work with Regional Parks Event Services and other community groups on special events in our parks; they help determine whether an event is practical, potential hazardous issues that may arise and, in the Parkway, if the activity is permitted within the scope of the American River Parkway Plan.
  • Rangers allow park access to those commercial visitors such as public and private contractors who work on infrastructure located within the Parkway including sewer and water infrastructure.

Ranger Complaint Process - Residents have the right to make a complaint against a police officer for any improper conduct as per state law. To register a complaint, please fill out a Complaint Form. Send the completed form to Regional Parks, Park Ranger Section at 4040 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento CA 95827.

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