Dry Creek Parkway Disc Golf

Sacramento County Regional Parks is contemplating a partnership with the El Dorado Disc Sports Foundation to bring Disc Golf to the Dry Creek Parkway, and we are looking to the local community for your feedback. 

Disc golf is a growing sport across the United States that is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages and economic status. Disc golf is played much like golf but instead of clubs the players use a flying disc.  The course is set up with tees and targets/baskets (holes) and like golf, the object is to complete each “hole” with the fewest “strokes” – or in this case – throws of the disc. 

​El Dorado Disc Sports Foundation is a local organization that has been working to bring disc golf courses to Sacramento area communities since 2016. Since then, they’ve established 3 courses and work with community volunteers and business sponsors to help with maintenance of the course.

Regional Parks is in the very early stages of this proposal, and we still have several layers of review, including CEQA environmental review. Regional Parks has started doing some community outreach at local events, put together a community survey, as well as installed trail counters in the area of the course to gather additional data.

The course along the Dry Creek Parkway would help increase visitation to the Dry Creek Parkway and deter unwanted uses. In addition, the new course can provide a new means of low impact exercise to the Dry Creek Parkway that leaves a nominal environmental impact.  

Get Involved

If you would like to provide feedback and comments, please email them to parksinfo@saccounty.gov. You can also participate in our community survey​

Regional Parks will be bringing the proposed course with comments to the Dry Creek Parkway Advisory Committee on their next scheduled meeting date – TBD.

Map of the proposed Dry Creek Parkway Disc Golf Course
Map of the proposed Dry Creek Parkway Disc Golf Course


Disc Golf has been shown to have many benefits to a community including: 


  • Low cost of construction, maintenance, and play.
  • Attracts players to the local community.
  • Potential revenue generator from parking and events fees.

Community Health

  • Provides a low impact and safe means of exercise for all age groups and genders
  • Perfect for childhood obesity programs.
  • Encourages strategic play to negotiate the course, which aids in reduction of mental fatigue
  • Offers both upper and lower body conditioning
  • Draws people back to a natural setting 

Low Environmental Impact

  • An excellent way to utilize property without having to develop it.
  • Aesthetically enhances the park, while keeping the natural beauty.
  • Can occupy under-utilized portions of the property without massive clear cutting.
  • Leaves nominal environmental footprint.


  • Serves as a deterrent to crime and vandalism by increasing foot traffic in under-utilized areas.
  • A Non-contact activity that promotes friendly competition.