Dillard Ranch

Thank you for your participation throughout the community process thus far.  We have listened to your comments and feedback and feel this Plan is a reflection of what the community has requested.​ 

View the finalized site drawing

The Master Plan shows the roughly 10 acres on the corner of Dillard and Davis.  As far as the remaining acreage, the County will continue to lease out for Agriculture, as well as work with the Sloughhouse RCD on ideas for advancing groundwater sustainability at the site. ​The County will also continue discussions with the Wilton Fire on their requests for acreage and to move the Fire House across Dillard Road.

About Dillard Ranch

The Dillard Ranch was acquired by Regional Parks in 2018 through a trade agreement with Cosumnes ​Community Services District (CCSD).  CCSD acquired the property in 2006 and prior to that, the property was operated as a dairy farm.  

Dillard Ranch is located in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County (Wilton) and consists of four contiguous parcels at approximately 97 acres.  The property is currently a working ranch, used for cattle grazing and growing hay, with a single-family dwelling and additional farm structures.

​Natural Resource Assessment and Historic and Cultural Resources Report

Prior to putting together a Master Plan for the site, the County is reaching out to the community for input.  In preparation, the County ​​​has put together a Natural Resource Assessment and Historic​ and Cultural Resources Report​ with some information on the property as well as put together this virtual tour of the property.

​​If you have any comments on the documents or suggestions for future plans for the site, please feel free to email them to Amber Veselka, Recreation Supervisor at Veselkaa@saccounty.net.​   

​​​Please help us spread the word!  The County would like YOUR input for the future of Dillard Ranch.

Aerial photo of Dillard Ranch  

Photo by Tom Palmer​​​​​