E. Coli Monitoring in the Lower American River

​Since December 2017, Sacramento County and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board have been working together to identify the impacts of the 303(d) listing for the Lower American River and the American River Parkway. The coordination efforts are currently focused on the potential health impacts of E. coli for aquatic recreation activities such as boating, swimming and wading and the impact of trash on water quality in the American River from a variety of sources in the American River Parkway.

Background Information

On December 5, 2016, the Central Valley Water Board approved staff's recommended changes to the 303(d) List. The following information supports the Central Valley Water Board approval process. On December 20, 2016, the Central Valley Water Board submitted the approved 303(d) List to the State Water Board. Note, this 2014 303(d) List does not replace the current EPA approved 303(d) List until both the State Water Board and EPA approve these changes.

Additional information: 

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